Composing and arranging music for film/tv, commercials, songs, instrumentals, etc. Genres include modern-classical, jazz, folk, singer-songwriter, pop, and new age/contemporary.



- Scores for trailers, film, commercials, games/apps, etc

- Accompaniment tracks

- Original song or instrumental arrangements



By contract - Please call or email me.


Field sound recording on location for film, videos, commercials, weddings, special events, etc.



- Sound recording with a Rode boom/shotgun mic, Rode wireless lav/lapel mics, Zoom XY-stereo mic, and/or various condenser mics.

- Mobile multi-track field recording with a Zoom H5. Portable studio recording with a 8 -input Soundcraft mixer/USB audio interface and Pro Tools.

- Post-production editing, mixing, and mastering using Pro Tools 12, Izotope RX and Ozone 7.



- Recording - $25/hr, $100/half-day (up to 5 hrs), or $200/full-day (up to 10 hrs). 

- Post-production audio mixing and editing - $20/hr.




Studio recording, editing, mixing, and mastering of music to a finished product. 


The usual process of producing a song begins with recording multiple takes of the singers and/or instrumentalists, followed by editing the raw takes, then mixing and finally mastering the track.


If you're new to some of these terms, I'm happy to take a minute here to describe what each of them means and, more importantly, so you understand exactly what you're getting...



- Studio recording of vocals and/or instruments for soloists or a small group (up to 4 people).

- Editing and/or mixing/mastering of recorded tracks.

- Stock music and sound effects selection, licensing, and audio editing for film/tv, games/apps, etc.



Recording - $25/hr. Rule-of-thumb: 3-4 hrs per 3-min song.

Editing, Mixing, and Mastering - $20/hr. Rule-of-thumb: 8-16 hrs per 3-min song. 






- Piano  Lessons - Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Both play-by-sight and play-by-ear training. Instruction in music theory, harmony, sight-reading, and improvisation skills.  

- Guitar Lessons - Basic level - Intro to basic chords, strumming, and picking. 

- Voice Lessons - Basic level - Intro to proper breathing, pitch, volume and tone control.

- DAW Music Production Training - Intro to Logic Pro and ProTools MIDI and audio recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. Includes written mat'ls; a live demonstration; instruction on recording, editing, mixing, and mastering concepts and techniques; and a hands-on session where you will produce a song from scratch-to-finish. 



$30 per 1/2 hr lesson

$50 per full hr lesson

DAW Music Production Training is $120 for a 4-hr session.




- Piano soloist/accompanist for weddings, banquets, church services, restaurants, bars, and special events. 



$100 - $150 per event

$75 per church service

$50 - $100 per night


- Acoustic Instruments - Yamaha GH1 studio grand piano, Martin DCPA5K acoustic guitar,  Washburn  guitar

- Microphones - Neumann TM-107, AKG C214, Blue Spark, Rode M5 Pair, Audio-Technica AT-8035 shotgun, Rode NTG1, Sennheiser ew112P wireless lavs, Rode FilmMaker lavs, and Sennheiser E835.

- Audio/MIDI Interface - Focusrite Saffire PRO40

- Mixer/Audio Interface - Soundcraft MTK-12 analog/USB, Behringer Xenyx1202 FX analog

- Field Audio Recorder - Zoom H5 w/ X-Y stereo mic

- MIDI Keyboard Controller - Roland Fantom X8 workstation w/SRX-06 expansion board

- MIDI Pad Controller - Akai Professional MPD232 MIDI controller

- DAWs - Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 10 & 12, Cubase 8 LE

- Virtual Instruments - Vienna Symphonic Library, Synthogy Ivory II American D, SoundIron Emotional Piano, EastWest, SoNiVOX Big Bang Cinematic Percussion, Omnisphere 2,  Garritan, EXS24, Expand2 , Halion, and others

- Audio & Mastering Plug-ins - Izotope Nectar Vocal Production Suite, Vocal Synth, RX6, Ozone 7, Melodyne, and others

- Monitors - Event 20/20 basV2 Bi-amplified studio monitors, JBL LSR 310S subwoofer, Roland KC-550 stage amps

- Headphones - AKG K240, AKG K52, Sennheiser HD280

- Computer - Mac Pro (3.7GHz Xeon E5 - 64GB RAM  - 1TB PCIe SSD), MacBook Pro, Sonnet Thunderbolt USB 3.0 PCIe expansion module, Glyph project (2TB) and sampler (4TB) hard drives, Western Digital backup drives (8TB)





Editing involves taking a raw audio or MIDI recording and correcting for unwanted noise, timing, speed, pitch, harmony, and dynamics. The careful use of gates, quantization, tempo, note/sample editing, and compression is usually involved.


Mixing is where each voice or instrument is put in its proper place dynamically e.g. volume and expression-wise; spatially e.g. panning and delay of the audio to produce a full stereo image; and acoustically e.g. frequency slotting and equalizing to allow each voice to be heard and avoid 'muddiness'. Effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, and stereo spread can also be applied during mixing to enhance the sound.


Mastering is the polishing step that ensures a recording is dynamically even within a track and between tracks e.g. compression and limiting to ensure the full dymanic range is being used without being too soft or loud (which results in unwanted clipping); not too dull or bright using a mastering EQ to remove unwanted frequencies (subsonics and ultra-highs); and perceived to be in the right 'room space' appropriate to the song by adjusting the wet/dry of the master reverb. The sampling rate and bit depth are also set according to whatever the end-user requires.


Without music, life would be a mistake - Fredrich Nietzsche

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